Minnie Driver Takes Henry To The Park

Minnie Driver Takes Henry To The Park ImNotObsessed.com http://bit.ly/bclIzl

It looks like little Henry is a little young for karate lessons, so Minnie Driver took him to the park instead. Another fun way to spend a nice Saturday afternoon!
Did you get a chance to watch her movie with Uma Thurman, 'Motherhood'? According to E! News, it came out on March 5 and promptly "bombed." I guess so: who knew it was in theaters?
Luckily, Minnie has other projects lined up, according to IMDb. In addition to guest starring in an episode of 'Modern Family,' she also has the movies 'Betty Anne Waters,' 'Barney's Version,' and 'The Deep' in post-production.
Are you a fan?
Photos by FAME