Guess Who Revealed: Benjamin Edward Sanov!

It's Alison Sweeney's sweet son Benjamin Edward Sanov!
The adorable 4-year-old gave Handy Manny Motorcycle Adventure a thumbs up at the LA premiere on Saturday (Sept. 26).
Alison and her highway patrolman hubby, David Sanov, are also parents to 8-month-old Megan Hope. The 33-year-old Days of our Lives star was recently spotted wearing Isabelle Grace jewelry, which is sold in our store!
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Biography for Alison Sweeney
-Date of Birth 19 September 1976, Los Angeles, California, USA
-Birth Name Alison Ann Sweeney
-Spouse Dave Sanov(8 July 2000 - present) 2 children
-Growing up, the Sweeney siblings - Ryan, Alison and Sten - had a system for keeping each other "in line": The elder sibling(s) would tell the younger one that s/he (the younger sibling) had been left at the Sweeney home by gangsters; and that if the younger "sib" didn't behave, the elder "sib(s)" would take him/her back to prison. (And it worked, too.)
-The second of three children, Alison has an older brother and a younger one.
-She and her husband David welcomed their first child, a son, Benjamin Edward Sanov on February 25, 2005 at 10:30am. The baby weighed in at seven pounds.
-Gave birth to her second child, daughter named Megan Hope Sanov, on January 12, 2009.