Linda Evangelista Is A Malibu Mama

Supermodel Linda Evangelista was spotted going for a Malibu beach stroll with her son Augustin James, who turns 3 in October, and restauranteur Peter Morton, whom she has been romantically linked to since 2007.
Infamous for her appearance in George Michael's music video Freedom '90 in the early 90s, the stunning mother-of-one is still busy at work. The 44-year-old Canadian beauty recently posed for a religious-themed photo shoot in New York City.Photos: INFdaily.com


Biography forLinda Evangelista
-Date of Birth ;10 May 1965, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
-Spouse;Gérald Marie(4 July 1987 - 1993) (divorced)
-Met actor Kyle MacLachlan on the set of an ad for Barney's New York in 1992 and they began dating that year and became engaged in 1994, but seperated in early 1998.
-Her father, brother, and uncle all work for General Motors.
-Is of Italian decent.
-At the age of 41, she gave birth to her first child. Her son, Augustin James Evangelista was born on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 in New York City. The father has not been named, but is believed to be a NYC architect.