John Hughes Dies Of Heart Attack

Thu, 06 August 2009
John Hughes Dies Of Heart Attack

Director John Hughes died suddenly of a heart attack while taking a morning walk in New York City earlier today (August 6)
The 59-year-old directed many cult classic films such as The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Sixteen Candles. He also produced Pretty in Pink.
John is survived by his wife of 39 years, Nancy, two sons, John and James, and four grandchildren.
Deepest condolences to his family and friends. RIP.

Biography for John Hughes (I)
Date of Birth 18 February 1950, Lansing, Michigan, USA
Date of Death 6 August 2009, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA (heart attack)
Trade Mark
Movies often take place in Shermer, Illinois.
Sets films in Chicago area.
Most of his teen movies from the 1980s have a scene in the school lunchroom, school library, or both.
References to art - characters discussing art or posed to resemble works of art
Close-ups of two characters locking eyes with each other
Many of his 80s Teen films have the same name as song titles: 'Sixteen Candles' (Stray Cats), 'Pretty in Pink' (Psychadelic Furs), 'She's Having a Baby' (Dave Wakeling) which are also heard in the film.
His movies usually end with a live action scene ending in a stilled version (the scene "freezes").
Often has one character silently mimicking another character as the line is spoken, as if it's been said before.
Characters who are either stuck in one place or traveling somewhere.
Often has a scene-stealing and usually dotty supporting character which serves little use for the actual plot (for example: Long Duk Dong in Sixteen Candles and Chet in Weird Science)
Graduated Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook, Illinois, USA. [1968]
Started out in the '70s as a writer for National Lampoon magazine.
A number of his movies have a small scene after the credits.
One reason that John Hughes films are set in Shermer, Illinois is because Northbrook was once called Shermerville. Furthermore, Glenbrook North High School is located on Shermer Road.
Is a fan of The Beatles and frequently has characters in his movies sing Beatles songs: Anthony Michael Hall (the Geek) sings "Birthday" in Sixteen Candles (1984), Jon Cryer (Duckie) sings "Love" in Pretty in Pink (1986), and Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller) sings "Twist & Shout" in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986).
Uses the pen name Edmond Dantès, a homage to the lead character in The Count of Monte Cristo (1934).
Often writes roles for John Candy, Anthony Michael Hall, and Molly Ringwald.
Inspired the "Brat Pack" movement of the 1980s.
He wrote two movies where the main character is involved in a race with the theme from Chariots of Fire (1981) going on in the background (Mr. Mom (1983) and Vacation (1983)).
Currently lives in Williams Bay, Wisconsin (2005)
Although he has been offered the distinguished alumni award from Glenbrook North High School, he has refused it in reflection of his not so great memories of the north shore and the school itself.
Father of writer/producer James Hughes and musician John Hughes.
Owns farm land in Harvard, Illinois. (2008).