Ali Larter's Wedding Plans

Ali Larter's Wedding Plans
Jul 29, 2009
Ali Larter and fiance Hayes MacArthur are planning to wed very soon: August 1, according to In Touch. They are planning a small ceremony with close friends and family (including Ali's best friend, Amy Smart) in Kennebunkport, Maine on Hayes' family's property.
"Hayes is really excited to spend time with a lot of his old buddies that he played football with at Bowdoin College in Maine," says a source close to the couple. "Ali wants a dream wedding and for everything to be perfect."
They couldn't get any further from LA and remain in the country if they tried, so I'm guessing we won't see any paparazzi pictures- LOL.
Hopefully they'll have a beautiful day that's exactly as they want it. Congratulations to the couple!